Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick update!

I don't have much time right now but wanted to update with a few quick things:

1) I added a new feature to my blog which is follow via email - that way you will receive an email whenever I post rather than having to check back all the time.  Check it out on the sidebar ------>

2) I'm going to Namibia for the weekend!  I am joining in with three other expats who are here studying/researching through Baylor and we're driving this weekend, since Monday is a national holiday (Sir Seretse Khama Day).  I don't have much time to write now but I'm hoping to come back with some great pictures!

3) I had a wonderful birthday on Wednesday with all of the people I know in Gaborone in attendance (which isn't very many but was quite impressive considering I've only been here 3 weeks).  I was also surprised this morning (Friday) with a birthday cake and beautiful Botswana-style rendition of "happy birthday" at the hospice - quite the sweet and unexpected surprise!  I will update when I get back from the weekend with pics.

4) I started interviewing! I got my first two interviews on Wednesday, what a great birthday present to finally get my research rolling!  To date I have completed 5 interviews, and they are going well.  I am already learning a ton and I look forward to sharing my recent insights soon.

5) I saw the monkeys!!!!!  They have wandered into our yard at least 3 times and I have seen them once around the neighborhood as well.  They are Vervet monkeys, and are very cute.  Their human-like mannerisms are fascinating to watch as they pick up objects and evaluate them or just scratch their behinds ;) There is a family of at least seven of them, including two babies, that rummages through our garbage on a fairly regular basis.  Here are two photos I took from my back porch (I can't have an entire blog post without photos!!):

Suspiciously creeping towards us

There are six monkeys in this picture can you find them all?
Apologies for the short update but I will write more soon.

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